Traveling with Crystals READ THIS!Coming back from teaching in Spain, I brought this beauty (a Phantom Lemurian Quartz) with me… IN MY PURSE! ???

Being as delicate and as dear to my heart as it is, I felt it best to carry it with me. Little did I know that airport security would consider it an “objeto contundente”. In other words, it was being categorized as a blunt force weapon! ?

Leaving this new Crystal friend in my check-in luggage was a heartbreaking yet mandatory requirement. So when you travel with Crystals, this is what you can do:

  1. Keep in mind that size and shape matters and contact your airline to confirm what are the specific requirements for carry-on luggage.
  2. Arrive to the airport with time in advance and prepared both mentally and with protective packaging materials. This will help in case you finally have to carefully pack your Crystal/s in your check-in luggage.
  3. As a last resort and if nothing else works, you could search for a caring freight company you can trust your Crystal with, just make sure to do your research.

Wishing this helps! Safe travels!! ✈️


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