I had the opportunity to visit Rock Star Crystals in New York!

As one of the premiere crystals boutiques in New York City, Rock Star Crystals has a diverse array of Crystals, minerals and jewelry starting at very affordable prices and up to the most exquisit high end pieces.

My favorite was the hematite sarcophagus. I had never seen such thing! See them in the video below.

Dennis, the owner, started his personal collection a long time ago and see what happens? After years and years of nurturing his collection, he was actually able to open not only one store but two! The other one is in Rio de Janeiro. Can’t wait to visit that one!!

Drop a comment and let me know which Crystals in the video/photo is your favorite. Have a wonderful week Crystal lovers!

Rock Star Crystals 1 (Medium)
Rock Star Crystals 2 (Medium) Rock Star Crystals 3 Rock Star Crystals 4


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Posted by Crystal Healer on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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  1. Dennis

    Thanks for the great review of ROCK STAR CRYSTALS, Victoria! We are expecting a new shipment of over 3,000 lbs of new wonderful crystals from Brazil in the next few days!

    • Victoria Vives Khuong

      Wow! How exciting, Dennis! Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to come back 🤩


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