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This is an 8 Week Online Crystal Healer Certification Course in which you will:

  • Gain access to step by step tutorials, videos, audios, Healing Charts, and more!
  • Learn an extensive Curriculum (see below) in order to become a well-rounded Crystal Healer and Vibrational Energy Healer
  • Join a forum where you can receive answers to your questions
  • Track your progress with Quizzes
  • Learn from real life case studies
  • Learn the same content than in the in person class but at your own pace
  • Receive your Crystal Healer Certification!
  • Review the material as often as you need FOR A FULL YEAR!!

NOTE: This course does NOT qualify you to teach, it trains you as a CRYSTAL HEALING practitioner only. Once completed this course, you will have the option to continue the training towards becoming a teacher.

POLICIES: All digital access/deliveries are final.


Welcome to the Online Crystal Healer Certification Course
Introduction and Preparation
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Lesson 1 ~ A Crystal Healer and Her Intuition
Lesson 2 ~ MEDITATION: Connecting with Your Crystals
Lesson 3 ~ Gathering Your Own Information
Lesson 4 ~ Healing Crystals and Devas
MODULE 1 COMPLETION ~ Case Study and Quiz
Lesson 5 ~ How Crystal Healing Works
Lesson 6 ~ Preparing Your Crystal Healing Team!
Lesson 7 ~ Exploring and Programming Your Crystals!
Lesson 8 ~ Preparing to Give a Crystal Healing Session
Lesson 9 ~ SESSION: Basic Layout
MODULE 2 COMPLETION ~ Case Study and Quiz
Lesson 10 ~ The Four Elements
Lesson 11 ~ Human Energetic System CHAKRAS
Lesson 12 ~ Chromotherapy
Lesson 13 ~ Properties of Crystals by Color
Lesson 14 ~ SESSION: Blocks of Colors
MODULE 3 COMPLETION ~ Case Study and Quiz
Lesson 15 ~ How Crystals Form and Rock Types
Lesson 16 ~ Pendulum
Lesson 17 ~ Aromatherapy
Lesson 18 ~ Sound Healing
Lesson 19 ~ SESSION: Vibrational Chakra Balancing
MODULE 4 COMPLETION ~ Case Study and Quiz
Lesson 20 ~ Geometric Forms
Lesson 21 ~ Crystal Shapes
Lesson 22 ~ Crystal Grids
Lesson 23 ~ SESSION: Shield of Protection
MODULE 5 COMPLETION ~ Case Study and Quiz
Lessons 24 ~ Mohs Scale of Hardness
Lesson 25 ~ Kinds and Uses of Crystals
Lesson 26 ~ SESSION: Relaxation and Legs
MODULE 6 COMPLETION ~ Case Study and Quiz
Lesson 27 ~ Human Energetic System AURA
Lesson 28 ~ SESSION: Aura Brightening
Lesson 29 ~ Intake Form
MODULE 7 COMPLETION ~ Assignment and Quiz
Lesson 30 ~ Test
MODULE 8 and COURSE COMPLETION ~ Congratulations!

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