Red Coral Evil Eye Bracelet


Red Coral Evil Eye Bracelet will serve you as an amulet of protection against negative energy.


Red Coral Evil Eye Bracelet

The dark blue evil eye is for Karma and fate protection, calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation and to open the flow of communication.

Red Coral has many healing properties:

Mind: Friendly love, Communal Mind, Inventiveness, Upbeat Outlooks, Balanced Opinions, Deterring negative thoughts and Truthfulness.

Body: Protection for women and children, circulatory issues, strengthening bones, nourishing blood and supporting the nervous system.

Spirit: Visualization, internalizing spiritual knowledge and sacred self-awareness.

*All the beads in this bracelet measure 4mm. Gold beads are gold filled. Will not tarnish.

*Bracelet measures 7″ in diameter. Can be made bigger or smaller at your request.