Online Shamanic Workshop


TUITION:  Classes will be recorded and available for you for a full year!  Tuition includes 5 CLASSES and the 5 RECORDINGS plus access to the Shamanism FORUM to continue deepening this work between sessions.

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This 5 part workshop is both, for Healers and for people wanting to advance in their spiritual path in a powerful and transformational way.

This workshop is perfect to be taken on its own and/or as a complement to any of the in person workshops in order to deepen your practice.

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Join our Sacred Circle from wherever you are in the world to learn Shamanism and/or deepen your current practice.  A Powerful and Transformational Experience!

In this course you will:

  • Learn and practice Shamanic Journeying
  • Visit the Lower World and Upper World
  • Meet your Power Animal and Helping Spirits to receive support and guidance
  • Group journeying and journeying for others
  • Cleansing Ceremony and Manifesting Ceremony
  • Bringing light to the Shadow
  • Shamanic Songs and Dancing your Power Animal
  • Connecting with the Land and Journeying for the Earth
  • Power Animal Retrieval and Healing from your Guides
  • Transfiguration and Healing with Light