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Free Gifts! Crystal Sets and Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals!

In honor of the American Labor Movement and their important work to protect the American workforce, we are offering over $120 in gifts this Labor Day weekend until Tuesday ONLY!

GIFT #1 ~Three Crystal Healing Layout Sets~

Sign up for the Crystal Healer Level I and II Certification Intensive and receive three complete crystal sets with all the crystals needed for some of our most powerful healing layouts. $100 Value!!

Sign up here and receive your gifts in class:

GIFT#2 ~Tibetan Tingsha Cymbal Set~

Sign up for the 2-Day Sound Healing Level I certification this upcoming weekend weekend and receive a set of authentic bronze tingsha cymbals for your healing practice.

Sign up here and receive your gifts in class:

OFFERS END Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 @ 9pm!

Call with any questions (888) 653-7780.

LIMITED SPACE! Sign up while space is available!

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

Have you worked with Rutilated Quartz?

This is one of those powerful and versatile crystals that is oftentimes overlooked.

This stone is treasured in Asian countries for its ability to bring wealth. It powerfully amplifies energy which is why it is an excellent programming stone for healing. Rutilated Quartz opens the sixth and seventh Chakras for meditation, clairvoyance, telepathy, and insight. It brings protection from radiation and is an excellent stone for health and rejuvenation!

Try keeping a piece in your pocket or purse to protect you from cell phone EMFs while also drawing wealth and abundance to your life!

Crystal Healer Certification courses


✰ HAPPY 4th of JULY!!! Take 3 Amazing Opportunities!! ✰

Happy 4th of July! 

The Mt. Shasta’s Divine Starlight Retreat is coming up in only three weeks and WE HAVE 4th of JULY OPPORTUNITIES!  Please read below.

This is the event of the year and we are looking forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.  The response from last years events have been outstanding and we are happy to take this experience to the next level this year!


1) Mt Shasta Work-Trade Opportunity

Work-Trade Opportunity is available for a responsible individual who is passionate about this healing work.  This is a partial work-trade whereby you can attend the event at a fraction of the cost and also receive food and lodging in exchange for a few hours of help, setting up and breaking down workshop spaces.  Fill out the application ASAP if interested!  APPLY!!

2) SAVE $70!!!  4th OF JULY SPECIAL!

Book your room at to enjoy

  • 7 Activations and Healing Attunements
  • Organic Meals prepared by our Chef
  • 3 Days of Workshops and Activities
  • Private Swimming Holes
  • Mineral Spring Water
  • Exquisite facilities in beautiful Mt. Shasta
This special ends on Sunday at 9pm Pacific Time
3) Crystal Healer Level II Certification

This class has been SOLD OUT for months however a space has opened up.  The Crystal Healer Level II spot this weekend is available on a first come, first served basis and can be booked at  (Level I with us is a prerequisite)

Please forward this to anyone that might be interested in these opportunities.  THANK YOU!

See the video here:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Blessings and Love,



Epic GEM SALE!!! Best Prices of the Year!

Epic Gem Sale!

Join on Saturday, December 9th, from 5pm-7pm.

2 hours only!  Take advantage of our new and expanded selection of beautiful Crystals at the best price of the year. Give your friends, family and even yourself mindful and meaningful gifts for the new year.

Our new selection includes Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry, Sound Healing instruments, Essential Oils, and much more. Contact us now to RSVP and receive exclusive event location! LIMITED SPACE.

Venta Épica de Cuarzos!


Únete a el 9 de Diciembre de 5pm-7pm para una.

2 horas solamente!  Aprovecha nuestra selección nueva y expandida de maravillosos Cuarzos al mejor precio del año. Dale a tus amigos, familiares y a ti mismo regalos inolvidables para el nuevo año.

Nuestra nueva selección incluye piedras, joyeria, instrumentos de Sanación con Sonido, aceites esenciales y mucho más. Reserva tu plaza para recibir la dirección de esta venta exclusiva:

Pyrite Properties

Crystal Healing:  PYRITE

PROPERTIES: This beautiful stone takes its name from Pyrites lithos (Greek), “stone which strikes fire,” in allusion to the sparking produced when iron is struck by a lump of Pyrite.

Pyrite only allows the positive and infuses you with a “Just do it” attitude.  It gives energy to ideas and brings them into the physical reality.  It gives you the confidence to author your own life. It balances masculine energy and increases sexual vitality.

Thanks to its clarity and light, it helps with decision making and action taking. Held or placed over the kidneys enhances detoxification.  Also known as Fool’s Gold.

CHAKRA: Solar.

Crystal Healer Certification courses ~ ONLINE ~ IN PERSON

Victoria Vives Khuong
CRYSTAL Healing, REIKI, Shamanism, E.F.T., and Sound Healing Teacher

Online Courses

CRYSTAL HEALER Certification
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