Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to use the title “CCH” after I am certified?

A: Yes. Students who have received certification via online or in-person training may use the “CCH” title after their name.  You’ve earned it!

Q:Can I get a refund after I register for the program?

A: Refunds are pro-rated and are available for any unused portions of any online programs. That said, all digital sales are final and so refunds cannot be given for any part of the program for which you have been granted access.

Q: I pre-enrolled for Crystal Healer Level II can I get a refund if I cancel before the launch date?

A: Yes. Refunds may be issued for cancellations made before the January launch date of the course minus the full value of any bonus materials that were delivered, including both physical and digital.

Q:How long is the program?

A: The Crystal Healer I program takes a minimum of eight weeks to complete. And the Crystal Healer II program takes a minimum of 10 weeks to complete.

Q:Can I finish the program sooner and submit my exam early?

A: In our experience, it is best to take a minimum amount of time of study and practice to fully integrate the training.  As such, we cannot accept any completed exams until after the eighth week of registration for Crystal Healer I and the tenth week of registration for Crystal Healer II, respectively.

Q:Why can’t I access the next lesson?

A: New lessons are made available to you on a weekly basis.  Each module corresponds with the week of training since your enrollment in the porgram.  This is to a encourage a more natural progression of practice and study to maximize absorption and mastery of the material.

Q:Why can’t I access the exam?

A:The exam is scheduled to become available to you on the 8th week and 10th week of the Crystal Healer Level I and Level II respectively.  You will not be able to access the exam before then to encourage addition study and practice to effectively assimilate the course material

Q:Will the Crystal Healer Certification online program help me get a job as a Crystal Healer?

A:The Crystal Healer training program is designed to give you the knowledge and skill to effectively practice the art of Crystal Healing.  The level II training includes essential business building skills as part of the training.  That said, it is possible to find a job as a Crystal Healer and certification through our program can help you establish credibility and, as you can imagine, there are many factors involved in finding jobs and especially work opportunities for special services such as Crystal Healing.  The certification serves as both a milestone and testament of skill and knowledge as well as a form of credibility as a practitioner of your craft.

Q:Can I take the Crystal Healer Level II Certification online without having taken the Level I certification?

A:Yes, Level II can be taken independently of Level I, however this is not adviseable as the courses build on one another and Level II is based on the foundation established by the Level I training.  Furthermore, certification will not be issued for Level II if you have first aquired the Level I certification.

Q:I have taken the in-person Crystal Healer Level I Certification Course with Victoria. Can I take the Crystal Healer Level II Certification online and receive the Level II certification?

A:Yes, the online certification classes are interchangeable with the in-person classes and cover roughly the same material.

Q:I have received the Crystal Healer Level I and II Certification in-person with Victoria. Is there any benefit for me to purchase the online Crystal Healer courses?

A:Yes!  The online courses cover most of the same material but there are some differences and so there is still more that may be learned.  Additionaly, the online training serves as an excellent reference and refresher for all of the in-person material.

Q:I can take the in-person training but the online training is more convenient. Is there any benefit to taking the in-person training over the online certification?

A:Absolutely!  Although the material for the in-person training and the online training is very similar, the primary value in taking the in-person certification with Victoria is being able to interact with your peers and with Victoria on a personal level.  There is supervized healing practice as well as live demonstrations.  There is also a lot to be learned by observing the challenges and successes of your peers.  Lastly, the opportunity to work with a very large variety of crystals and healing intruments at Victoria’s center is invaluable.

Q: Is the Crystal Healer Certification Program Accredited?

A: There is no legitimate accrediting agency for Crystal Healing and therefore, no programs or institutions are accredited.  The process of accreditation is a complex relationship between government and educational institutions which does not yet exist for Crystal Healing.  You can learn more about this subject at

Q: If there is no legitimate accrediting agency in Crystal Healing, what’s the deal with people and programs claiming “Fully Accredited”?

A: This is either misleading marketing strategy or a lack of understanding of what accreditation really is.  On the one hand, it may benefit the field of energy healing, as a whole, to have government involvement, and yet this can also be a step backward  by restricting the practice of dedicated healers.  What do you think about this controversial subject?

Victoria Vives Khuong
CRYSTAL Healing, REIKI, Shamanism, E.F.T., and Sound Healing Teacher

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