Energy Rocks!!! All About Rocks, Minerals and Crystals for Kids

Includes Rock Hunt!!!

Crystals and Rock Hunt for kids Los Angeles
A class with Kathy Banegas for kids from Ages 4- 13.  In this class:

  • Learn how rocks, crystals, and minerals are formed in the earth
  • Enjoy an exciting a rock hunt and identify the rocks you find!
  • Learn the metaphysical properties of each crystal and how to use it
  • Science and spiritual side of crystals

ADMISSION OPTION 1: 1 Class: $25 per adult + child
($10 for each additional child and adult).

ADMISSION OPTION 2: Full 6 Class Series: $125 per adult + child
($50 for each additional child and adult).

Each child takes home about 7 tumbled stones (parents may take some as well). 2 Outdoor locations: Pasadena and West Covina.

This is a great way to introduce children to the healing properties of rocks, crystals, and minerals. It teaches children the difference between rocks, minerals and crystals. It also teaches them how they are formed in the Earth and how incredible they are.

It’s very hands on, as an example of most rocks discussed is passed around. We also talk about how rocks, minerals and crystals can be found in daily household items and how they are known to have metaphysical properties.


The classes are ongoing. You can take individual classes or start anytime for the full series.

CLASS 1 ~ Crystal Garden
CLASS 2 ~ Crystal Bracelet
CLASS 3 ~ Crystal Kaleidoscope
CLASS 4 ~ Rock Snack
CLASS 5 ~ Rock Canteen
CLASS 6 ~ Crystal Keepsake