Sterling Silver Healer’s Talisman of Protection™

“Created for Healers by Healers with Love.”

Receive the Healer’s Talisman of Protection at cost (you will receive a special savings code via email after pre-enrollment) when you pre-enroll for the Online Crystal Healer Course before December 31st, 9pm PDT (Value: $115).
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“​Not photoshopped, just Sun activated. Naturally powerful. Naturally magical. Naturally amazing.”

Egyptian Pendant Egyptian Pendant
Egyptian Pendant Egyptian Pendant
Egyptian Pendant Egyptian Pendant
Egyptian Pendant Egyptian Pendant
Egyptian Pendant Egyptian Pendant

The Healer’s Talisman of Protection

Handmade by an artisanal metalsmith and designed to specifications by renowned healer Victoria Vives Khuong, this beautiful heirloom quality piece serves as both an elegant adornment and also a powerful healer’s talisman.

Influenced by ancient Egyptian artifacts, originally engineered with spiritual and energetic enhancement qualities, the Healer’s Talisman of Protection integrates Sterling Silver, Tourmalinated Quartz, and Sacred Geometry into a stunning piece of jewelry that grounds, empowers, and protects the wearer.


Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is an alloy of fine Silver with a touch of pure Copper for strength. Silver is a highly valued precious metal that energetically connects us with the Moon energies, the cleansing essence of water and the Divine Feminine. It is an extremely nurturing element and bringer of abundance that also enhances the psychic and intuitive mind and reflects negative energy away.

Copper is a semi-precious metal used by human beings since prehistoric times for ritual and utility. It vibrates at the frequency of love and stimulates the energy within the body bringing energy and vitality. It is a sign for good fortune. Combined at an atomic level with Silver, as a metal alloy, Copper strengthens the Silver on both an energetic and physical level enhancing its properties and making it structurally more resistant to deformation. 


The Spiral
Spirals are quite possibly one of the oldest spiritual depictions made by humans and understandably so given their significance rooted at the very core of creation. The spiral in the Healer’s Pendant of Protection serves as an energetic antenna of sorts, connecting with source energy at the central point of convergence and accelerates it outwards through the spiral forming an energetic vortex. Once it reaches an energetic “critical mass” this vortex of energy finally connects the ring below it which transfers the energy to the Crystal sphere. 


The Ring
Rings or circles, similar to spirals in their connection with source and deep spiritual significance, serve to connect us with the infinite. Here, the ring encircles a crystal sphere providing a frame of support and protection while also connecting us with the principle of no beginning; no end.

Tourmalinated Quartz Sphere
This truly unique crystal is a sphere of Clear Quartz filled with Black Tourmaline inclusions. Tourmalinated Quartz harmonizes all layers of the aura as well as all Chakras. It assists us in integrating the shadow self while also offering a powerful protection from both psychic and electromagnetic smog.In the Healer’s Pendant of Protection, the Crystal sphere receives the energy channeled by the spiral above it and ring encircling it, infusing this energy with its properties for cleansing and nurturing. Cleansing without nourishing can become draining, thus Mother Earth created this alliance of 2 powerful Crystals growing together to work in partnership. The Black Tourmaline deeply cleanses while Clear Quartz nourishes in an infinite birth-renewal cycle. The energetic properties of the Crystal facilitate our ability to expand and rise while strengthening our vibration in a grounding way and thus setting a necessary spiritual and energetic foundation to tap into the Infinite.


The Rays
Distinct in ancient Egyptian design, the hand forged Sterling Silver rays symbolize shining sunlight. In the Healer’s Talisman of Protection, the rays serve to radiate the energy that will cleanse and nourish the Healer’s aura.


The Activation Ritual
The Healer’s Talisman of Protection is unique partnership between the primal powers of Creation, Nature and Mother Earth with Human ingenuity, Consciousness, and intention. As such, it has power in its own right without any further process needed, and yet…

By completing the Activation Ritual, the wearer catalyzes an energetic process by introducing her own Healer’s Intention to the Healer’s intention through which the talisman was created. Combined with the engineered components of the piece, the Activation essentially initializes the energy flow through the talisman where the Crystal sphere expands the energy equally in all directions creating a field which acts as a shield or boundary, allowing the wearer to stand in a space of harmony. This Activation Ritual can be performed anytime that extra protection is needed and lasts for a full rotation of the Earth which is just shy of a 24hr period.

PRICE: $115


You can receive this talisman at cost (a special savings code will be emailed to you after pre-enrollment) until December 31st, 9pm PDT
when you pre-enroll for the Online Crystal Healer course!
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Nhan-Esteban Khuong

Nhan is a journeyman metalsmith focusing on ancient and traditional metalsmithing arts. He is also a long time healer, having been practicing Traditional Oriental Medicine for over 16 years. Nhan has a passion for nature and ancestral ways which is reflected in the organic nature of his metal artistry.
Victoria Vives Khuong

Victoria Vives Khuong

Dedicated spiritual teacher, healer, and warrior, Victoria has a special connection with Mother Earth and the Divine. Combined with her background in art, fashion and design, the Healer’s Talisman of Protection nearly manifested itself in a mysterious convergence of mind, matter, and spirit.