Dyed CrystalThe first time I bought Amethyst, it was in a beautiful necklace I found in a store in Spain. After having it for years, I was shocked when I looked closely and found similar characteristics I found in dyed Crystals. Oftentimes, Crystals that have lost their color or that just don’t have enough vibrancy compared to the vivid colors we might be used to, are dyed. How can you differentiate a natural color Crystal from one that is dyed?

These are some important pointers:

  • Agate: this is one of the Crystals known for being dyed in beautiful colors to enhance the marvelous design and patterns it has. So if you see bright purple, pink, blue or other colored Agate, know that it is not natural but dyed.
  • Cracks and veins: for a Crystal to retain the dye, it is necessary for it to be porous or have fractures that can hold the dye. Like in the case of my Amethyst necklace, the cracks and fractures in the Crystal will appear as veins of highly pronounced color whereas the rest of the Crystal will appear more pale.
  • Quality: this store in Madrid where I bought the Amethyst necklace was a cheap store. Buying your Crystals from reputable sources, especially when you are new to Crystals, will save you more than one surprise!
  • Turquoise: As mentioned in our imitation Crystals video, Turquoise is an expensive Crystal compared to others. Because of this, you might often find it to be an imitation, such as dyed Howlite. You can recognize it because imitation Turquoise is normally dyed in an intensely bright color well beyond the tonality of an authentic one.

The more you connect with and work with Crystals, the easier it will become to notice those difference and recognize a a natural color from a dyed one.

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