Crystal Healing Workshops from Beginner to Master!

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Crystal Healing Workshops

In the Crystal Healer Workshops course you will learn:

  • 3 Diamonds Crystal Healing
  • Releasing Fear from the Root Chakra
  • Crystals for Your Home
  • Distance Crystal Healing Process

Crystal Healer Certification

Become a Certified Crystal Healer so you can:

• Heal yourself and others
• Make money doing what you love
• Fulfill your inner purpose on this planet
• Take classes with like-minded people who care
• Become part of the leading edge of transformation
• Share your gifts and witness how you better the lives of others

Crystal Healer Master Certification

Become a Certified Crystal Healing Master so you learn:

  • Crystal Healing Energetics & Sacred Geometry
  • Unlock the mysteries and hidden potential of Master Crystals
  • Discover the Art of Advanced Crystal Gridding
  • Crystal Healing meets Feng Shui’s Ancient Chinese wisdom
  • Business Success for Crystal Healers
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