Cold Full MoonCOLD FULL MOON in GEMINI tonight.

Ladies and gents, it’s time for December’s Full Moon. ? This is the perfect time to cleanse and charge your Crystals, let go of all negativity and open to receive all the healing and positive energy. ?

The twelfth moon of this year will be rising this Wednesday, December 11th and reach its peak fullness, at 9:12 pm Pacific Time.

December’s Full Moon is known as the Cold Moon, being associated with the winter cold and long nights. ❄️ Make sure to get ready for this special and magical moment tonight and receive the power of the Moon to cleanse your Crystals of any negative energies and charge them with the very best.

You should also know that this month’s Full Moon it’s in Gemini. ♊ This event will bring the need for changes and spontaneity. You might start observing your feelings and sharing your thoughts in a deeper way with others. You might find this period a little frantic, in which case you can get back to balance by periodically focusing on finding your center once again.

This Cold Full Moon in Gemini will be at 9:12 pm Pacific.


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