Full Moon in Capricorn with Lunar Eclipse

Hi Beautiful Soul! Today's Full Moon in Capricorn with Lunar Eclipse brings an opportunity to tap into your true voice and your true self's power. It brings clarity as to how you are not being truly loyal to yourself, trying to fit in. A wonderful Crystal choice for...

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Looking for Some WEALTH in Your Life?!! Happy weekend!! Looking for some WEALTH in your life? Is so, this Pyrite is the perfect Crystal for you!! Comment or DM me for fun or to make it yours  Much Love. Victoria 

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A Game Changing Surprise!

YAYY!! Happy weekend! Today, I want to share a game changing surprise!!! I am SO excited to celebrate this with you!!! To uncover the mystery, just click LINK IN BIO 👉 THANK YOU, FRIENDS! CRYSTALLINE LOVE 💎💎💎

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Chakra Set!! Happy weekend!! Today, I have three amazing sets!! 1) Heart shaped Chakra Set2) Cone shaped Chakra Set3) Reiki Symbols Set To make any of these yours, DM me Much Love. 

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Happy 4th of July!

Hi Beautiful Soul, Happy 4th of July weekend! Independence is such a powerful concept closely connected with freedom, choice, and personal power. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and be grateful for our many blessings. Healing has not always been a...

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New Moon – TOTAL Solar Eclipse

Hi Beautiful Soul! Today, we have a New Moon in Cancer with a TOTAL Solar Eclipse! 🌑 It is a time to allow our inner child to be embraced by the nurturing and protective feminine energies of Cancer and the Moon. Reflect upon what you want to manifest on this New Moon...

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Crystals Can Help Your Intuition Become Crystal Clear!

Hello Beautiful Soul! Crystals can help your intuition become crystal clear! Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone, are some of my recommendations for this matter. And, if you want to take your psychic ability to the next level, join us in the Psychic...

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New Crystal Healer Course For All Levels

Happy Friday!! I am excited to share... some BEHIND THE SCENES! Coming soon: a new online Crystal Healer course for all levels, beginner to advanced!! Very much looking forward to sharing with you!!! Victoria Vives Khuong

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