Crystal: Amethyst     Cristal: Amatista

? It transmutes any energy into Love
? Excellent cleanser for the blood
? It relieves stress and internal conflict

History: An amazing stone with a rich, cross cultural history, Amethyst has been highly valued for thousands of years throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.  This beautiful purple crystal was highly prized by Egyptian nobles and royalty, the ancient Greeks, and is still associated with the Christian church.

Properties: This is a perfect crystal to complement all forms of energy healing and especially REIKI energy!  Amethyst cleanses the aura and heals holes in the auric field.  It brings in Divine energy and is an excellent cleanser for the blood and immune system.  It tunes the endocrine system and metabolism, relieves stress at all levels, and is great for the digestive system as well.

Amethyst has the powerful ability to harmonize our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies during times of disconnect such as moments of internal conflict when the mind does not support the emotions or when our physical impulses are not congruent with our spiritual path.

One of this crystal’s main characteristics is its very high spiritual vibration, allowing us to access a higher consciousness.  It is extremely powerful and has the special ability to both calm and stimulate the mind.  Amethyst is also very protective by transmuting any energy into Love bringing great tranquillity to our environment.  It promotes a good night sleep as well as the understanding of our dreams.

A beautiful, durable and commonly available gem quality stone, Amethyst is likely one of the most versatile crystals to wear in healing jewelry.

Chakra: Crown.

Composition: Silicon dioxide SiO2.

Formula: Silicon and Oxygen (46.74% Si 100.00% SiO2 – 53.26% O).

Colored by: The beautiful purple color comes from impurities of Iron as well as other trace elements and irradiation.

Precautions: It fades under sunlight.


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