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I am thrilled that you are visiting, as that means that you have decided to move towards greater joy, happiness, and abundance in your life. I am excited and honored for this opportunity to contribute to your journey.


Victoria Vives Khuong ~ Crystal Healer’s Teacher and Founder

I started in the Healing Arts in the year 2000, in a Metaphysics 7 Rays Energy Healing group back in Madrid, Spain where I am from.  The last 17+ years have been an amazing adventure in healing and self discovery and I always find myself being called back to the amazing wonder of Healing Crystals.

Finding information and mentors for Crystal Healing has been challenging  and, over the years, I have been blessed with both teachers and experiences that have brought me a depth of knowledge, in the art of of Crystal Healing, that I never thought possible.  I have studied with Crystal Healers from around the world, have spent thousands of hours in practice, training, and research.  I have scoured countless resources to find the ancient roots of Crystal Healing, worked with jewelers and gemologists to understand the science behind Crystals and their mysterious powers.

In these past years of exploration and practice, I have discovered that Crystals have been used in Energy Healing across cultures since time immemorial.  Lost civilzations and prehistoric artifacts reveal to us a hidden world of healing potential that forms the basis of our modern Crystal Healing paradigm…



Kathy Banegas ~ Crystal Healer’s Teacher

Kathy Banegas began her work with crystals back in 2014 after the loss of her mother to breast cancer. She looked for something that could help her get through her depression and anxiety. Crystals helped her feel better and helped heal many of the emotional wounds she felt she had. That is how she created her crystal business, The Healing Gem.

In 2016, Kathy completed the “Oneness Energy Healer Apprenticeship” with Victoria Vives Khuong. In 2017, Kathy joined forces with www.CrystalHealer.Org and EarthSky People. Today, she practices intuitive sessions that include Crystals, Sound Healing and Aromatherapy. She also offers classes like “Energy Rocks!” (a class for kids about crystals) and REIKI and Crystal Healing Certification classes.