Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Wickard at the Tuscon Gem Show, an incredible artist working in bronze sculpture and natural crystals.

He shared the fascinating history of how the US government purchased massive quantities of high grade, natural, optical quartz, to manufacture the two way radio transmitters for use during the war.  See below the public information video produced by Reeves Sound Laboratories in 1943 detailing how optical quartz was being used in the manufacture of radios during World War II.

A few years after the war, in the early 1950’s the process of artificially producing optical quartz through hydrothermal synthesis made it faster and more economical to produce the quartz piezoelectric oscillator chips needed and so the government sold its surplus optical quartz via public auctions. 

Jim Wickard purchased a large quantity that he was been slowly incorporating into his amazing art.  He was generous enough to give me the opportunity to purchase a couple of amazing natural, optical Citrines!  What amazing crystals!

As you may know, Citrine is a variety of quartz with a distinctive yellow color caused by iron based impurities.  Most Citrines available for mainstream purchase are actually treated amethyst crystals.  The “optical” grade classification means that they are free of inclusions and structural defects and are of such high clarity that it is ideal for use in optics and electronics where tolerances are very tight.

What an honor to have these very rare and special beauties join our Crystal Healer family of healing crystals!



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